For Studios
Meet passionate and talented creative & games industry professionals
We provide you with the platform to connect with games industry talents within Nordics and from across the globe virtually.

Why Join the Event?
At our last event we had 1,676 pre-screened talents join the event
Employer Branding
A perfect stage to strengthen your employer brand with the right audience of over 1000 pre-screened job seekers from the creative, games and IT industry
Meet and hire top talents of the creative, games & IT industry from across the globe. Keeping with our motto of "Always on Recruitment" the event platform will be accessible for 4 weeks for studios.
Career Wall
Publish unlimited jobs on our career wall which will be accessible for viewing even after the event. Talents will be able to send in job applications 2 weeks prior to the event and the applications will be synced with respective studios' ATS.
Build connections with studios and talents through filtering by tags or random search of the list of attendees. The event platform also enables you to schedule one-to-one meetings with attendees.
How to Join
Send us your interest in being part of the event and we will share an in depth event deck on how to participate
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