World's First 3D Software for Augmented Reality
Meet Grib, the Helsinki based company creating the world's first 3D software in augmented reality (AR).
Check Open Positions from Grib in the end of the article!
Short video about Grib and their awesome product
Grib is on the path to creating the next chapter in the evolution of 3D modelling and XR. It is designed for anyone that wants to create 3D models and apply their creativity in 3D space.

You can also meet the company at IT and Games Job Fair in Kyiv on 28th of September and learn more about their open positions.

The company is based in Helsinki and has a very cool office with lots of great things, just have a look at the pictures.
The super-team at Grib is built on a strong foundation of well-being, productivity, and culture. They have flexible work hours, gym and pool facilities ensure productive workdays for the team. Ensuring ample scope for personal and professional development has created a positive work culture in such a fast-growing company.
This is definitely an interesting company to look at if you are into AR and something revolutionary. Company cares about their employees and builds their "super team".

"At Grib we strive to ensure that we are satisfied by building trust, overcoming fear, and enhancing motivations. It's these three key ingredients that make up "super teams". And super teams are not hired; they are built. If you seek satisfaction, join us."