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On the 1th of October, Seriously is joining us at Games Job Fair 2020. We decided to write a post about such an amazing company and who they are looking for to join their team.
Why join the team?
We believe in finding the best talent and giving them as much freedom and responsibility as possible. That's why we take recruitment Seriously.

At Seriously, it's a core value to share knowledge and information with all our employees. We want communication to be open and easy so we avoid unnecessary meetings and have as flat an organisation as possible. We seek proactive, highly efficient people and then let them do their work as they see fit.

We have offices in Helsinki, Finland and Los Angeles, US. The studio in Helsinki is where all our games are painstakingly crafted, while the Los Angeles office is where our ingenious marketing campaigns are created.

Both places are great to work at and our newly renovated office provides space for our small teams to work as they wish. All communication is done in English so there's no need to know any Finnish.

The company offers
- Opportunity to work with great people on great content
- Competitive salary
- Flexible hours and great work-life balance
- Private healthcare and dental plans, extensive health and leisure insurance
- Lunch benefit, annual sports and culture allowance
- Variety of tools. Tell us what you need to get the job done and we'll get it
- Relocation package and assistance
- Free snacks and beverages
If you want to meet the company representatives in person, do not forget to apply for the Games Job Fair 2020 as they are coming there.
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