Games Factory Talents organized its second virtual games job fair during the ongoing pandemic and can stand tall in saying, the time and effort put into making it a success came to fruition!

We hosted the 2 day action packed event with a wide range of hiring studios and about 1800 talents, from across the globe signed up for the event. 14 Studios with over 60 open positions were available on the Career Wall.
Almost 800 attendee cards were created helping talents to promote themselves, highlight their skills and share their projects
While the first day of the event was dedicated to studios presenting what they have to offer and the type of talent they are looking for. The second day had its share of excitement with topics like How to break into the games industry and Panel discussions on Recruitment & relocation during COVID, Entry into the games industry for Juniors & IT Professionals.

One of the much appreciated panel discussion was "What recruiters look for in a resume to land the first interview." where panelists shared many actionable tips on creating a resume and busted some "must need" myths in a resume.

There were 250 one-to-one interviews that were conducted in these 2 days, talents also had the opportunity to network with Studios at their virtual booths. Fireside chats were held with employees of the participating studios and one of the studios even gave the audience a taste of the type of music that is created in Finland!

In addition, the Pine platform was open to all attendees 3 weeks before the event which enabled networking amongst peers. It was great to know some of the attendees seized the opportunity to form teams during these 3 weeks to participate in the Games Development Contest which we organized and is being hosted by the Games Development World Championship (GDWC). The platform will remain open to Studios and Talents until May 20th.

The event was supported by organizations like Business Finland, Neogames, Barona, Helsinki Business Hub, IGDA, Game Makers of Finland, Games Jobs Finland, Pocket Gamer Connects, 80 Level, GDWC, Games Jobs Direct which added immense value to having a successful event.
We categorized the talents based on their level of experience



Highlights of the event
Recruiters and representatives from the studios were able to highlight and promote their studios at the Main stage of the event.
Presentation at the Main stage.
Presentation at the Main stage.
Presentation at the Main stage.
After all the studio presentations were done the attendees could interact with studio representatives during the networking break. This enabled attendees to mingle and connect on a personal level with the companies Live at their virtual interactive stands and have their questions answered.
Dazzle Rocks
Tuuli Live at the company booth.
Redhill Games
Fireside chat with the reps of Redhill Games during the networking break.
At the stand Live during the networking break.
Alisa & Teemu Live at the company booth
On the second day we continued with interesting panel discussions
Entry into the gaming industry for IT professionals & Juniors
Hosted by Milla Pennanen. Panelists - Lex Ryan, Katya Dolgova & Bea Grandell
What recruiters look for in a resume
Hosted by Oleg Paily. Panelists - Tuuli Peltonen, Petteri Tuomimaa & Arja Martikainen,
Recruitment & relocation during COVID
Hosted by Marina Velikova. Panelists - Bea Grandell, Jonna Knuuti & Katya Dolgova
The event was concluded with success stories of previous Job Fair participants who relocated to Finland to begin their new careers. They shared their personal experiences with the attendees of the event.
In summary, I'd like to thank everyone – speakers, attendees and partners – for making the event a resounding success! It was incredible to experience the energy, passion and enthusiasm from the speakers and the attendees through the large number of questions and comments during the event. This reflects the resiliency of our Finnish Games industry (and our society as a whole) to rise above the pandemic challenge of today and continue to find new ways of engagement and recruitment. And we will keep this momentum going!
Oleg Paliy
CEO / Games Job Fairs organizer
The next virtual Games Job Fair!

Our next virtual Games Job Fair will be held in the Fall of 2021! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!