On April 27-29, Games Factory Talents organized our biggest, most exciting recruitment, career-building, and networking event yet! At Games Job Fair Spring 2022 we gathered a record-breaking 2216 pre-screened talents and featured 182 job openings from 39 Games Studios from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, and more.
39 Participating Studios
One thing we have come to realize throughout the years, and which also became more evident through our newly founded Discord server, is that our participating talents come from all levels of seniority, game development fields, and experiences. This is why we made sure our topics would range accordingly.
We categorized the 2216 pre-screened talents based on their level of experience

Senior (~25%)


Middle (~30%)

Junior (~45%)
By Specialty
By Location

Gaming industry veterans might not shy away from a test assignment, an interview, or confidently requesting for a good salary, but how about the folks who are still unsure about tackling the big unknown? Our sessions such as "How to Navigate a Test Assignment?", "Smooth Relocation of Foreign Talent,""How to Tackle Interview Questions,""How to get the Salary You Want," and more, dealt with different aspects of career growth and big changes.
Panel discussions and sessions on making a break in the games industry
Tech Talks

Some just want to get right down to the nitty-gritty of game development, and we weren't going to let them down! From "Houdini Engine In-House Tools and Solutions," to "The Many Industries of Unreal Engine," and from "Automating Audio Tests," to "How AR/XR enables the next generation of active games," our lovely speakers covered many different aspects of games creation.
Career boosting talks at the Mainstage
Industry Growth

The development of our own career is important, but how do we foster an industry able to support that, and how do we adapt to change? It is panels such as "Diversity and Inclusion in the Games Industry," and "The Future of Cloud Gaming," and talks such as "Interview with Mika Tammenkoski," and our very own "Overview of the European Games Industry" that gave everyone some food for thought and, hopefully, some courage to evolve.
Interesting panel discussions
Custom Feedback — Creative Portfolio Review

Everyone loves personalized advice and feedback, but even we were taken aback by the number of talents ready to get roasted in the name of progress. I jest, but everyone at Games Factory Talents is so proud of our community for their art portfolio submissions. Our ArtStation-sponsored Creative Portfolio Review was much nicer than any roasting and more constructive.
Community Brilliance — Sponsored Art Challenges

Nothing is more humbling, more motivating than witnessing the talent and skill displayed in the art pieces submitted by our community. Our three Art Challenges—kindly sponsored by InnoGames, Mainframe Industries, and Redhill Games—gave game artists the opportunity to showcase their amazing work while winning prizes, and everyone rose to the challenge!

Networking at the Forefront — Blitz Interviews

Aside from our usual virtual booth networking and chat functions, we wanted to give recruiters and talents a more direct line of communication. Our Art/Animation and Programming Blitz Interviews offered randomized 5-minute encounters between the two groups, and this direct interaction is something we hope to expand upon moving forward.

Networking sessions at the virtual booths
Onwards and Upwards

Call us greedy, but witnessing all of the amazing talents out there and all of the great studios searching for it motivates us to try harder every time. Everyone at Games Factory Talents wants to see the games industry thrive, and see game developers grow together towards that goal. While we've got several ideas for our bustling Discord community in the near future, we also look to October, when the next Games Job Fair will take place. We hope you will join us.

I am so deeply grateful for every speaker, partner, and attendee who made Games Job Fair Spring 2022 such a successful event. You have been so active, and given us great comments and feedback. We feel excited and determined to aim even higher!
Oleg Paliy
CEO / Games Job Fairs organizer
The next virtual Games Job Fair!

Our next virtual Games Job Fair will be held in the Fall of 2022! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!