Organizing a recruitment-heavy event for the games industry while it is going through a crisis is no easy feat. How do you give talents hope when all we hear is closures, layoffs, and acquisitions? Our goal with Games Job Fair Spring 2023 was to show everyone that hope through the beauty of connection, and the encouragement of fellow game developers.
It is a goal we at Games Factory Talents feel most honored to always strive for.

That being said, this three-day event brought together 19 studios from across Europe, offering over 160 open positions to 2150 talented professionals from across 96 countries, out of which around 130 talents joined us onsite for the last day of the event.
Categorization of the attending talents
Split of talents based on location
Gamedev professionals from across 96 countries joined the event this Spring. Majority of the talents were from Europe followed by Asia.
New Ways of Growing and Learning

This spring marked the first time Unity has joined us for an amazing
Unity Programming Challenge, and the Code Review kindly taken on by Thomas Winkley and Sourav Chatterjee of Unity, and Sasu Louke of PHZ Full Stack. Along with the Unreal Engine Challenge and its wonderful judges, Ari Arnbjörnsson, Chris Rock, and Ciaran Deasy, it has been a super fun beef-up of our content for programmers.

We've also had the pleasure of planning our first
UX Design Challenge, which we plan to fine-tune and maintain for all future events attended by interested studios. The Art Challenges got an upgrade as well, adding Props and Lighting and Scene Composition into our featured categories, while the Creative Portfolio Review and its judges, John Cipriani, Charlotta Tiuri, Egor Blintsov, and Ville Assinen, provided our participants with expert feedback.
Winning Entries of the Challenges at Games Job Fair Spring 2023
But what else has been new? Well, there is nothing like having the chance to learn hands-on, and we want to thank the studios that provide opportunities for it for their participation. Companies such as Redhill Games and Wargaming provide paid internships and courses.

Games Job Fair Spring 2023 has also been the premiere of our Workshops, with
Redhill Games kindly providing their support for 'Tileable Material Creation', by the lovely Safeer Abbas. We also want to thank Essi Jukkala and Salla Hiiskoski of We in Games Finland for their workshop on 'Seeking Mentorship,' another great method of growth. Last, but definitely not least, Game Makers of Finland are always there for Finnish gamedevs, and we want to thank Milla Pennanen and Maria Jauhianen for providing valuable advice on legal and labor matters of our country to protect the rights of our wonderful talents.
Tileable Material Creation Workshop, hosted by Safeer Abbas of Redhill Games
Seeking Mentorship Workshop, hosted by Salla Hiikoski of We in Games Finland
Milla Penannen of Game Makers of Finland
April could not have been sweeter when one gets to meet even more of our lovely community in person. Our Hybrid Day in Espoo's Innopoli 2 campus and the Afterparty hosted by the lovely folks at HypeHype is a day to remember.
Games Job Fair Spring 2023 Afterparty, hosted by HypeHype
Games Job Fair Spring 2023 Afterparty, hosted by HypeHype
Games Job Fair Spring 2023 Afterparty, hosted by HypeHype
Connection is so very important for our health, growth and professional evolution, and it's important that everyone has access to it. We want to thank everyone who visited onsite, but also our big, warm, inspiring global online community of amazing, skilled, passionate people who time and time again put their faith in us, join the fun, and provide honest feedback to keep us improving and growing ourselves.

The pandemic provided everyone with unprecedented growth, and many were not ready for the natural slowing down of that growth, that is true. But this industry has known change a lot, and we know how to stick together and adapt through it. We are in this for the long haul.

Will you join us in October for another exciting adventure?
Valo Motion Virtual Booth Live Networking
Supercell Virtual Booth Live Networking
Wargaming Virtual Booth Live Networking
Redhill Games Virtual Booth Live Networking
Onsite Reception
Onsite Networking
Game Production Talk by Neha Joshi of Metacore
Play Finland Panel discussion by KooPee Hiltunen, Peter Vesterbacka, Olivier Bonfils, and Taina Myöhänen
I'm incredibly happy with how the event turned out. It was wonderful to see so many people come together and make meaningful connections. The energy online and onsite was electric, and I'm already looking forward to building on this success for future events!
Oleg Paliy
CEO / Games Job Fairs organizer
Participating Studios
The next hybrid Games Job Fair!

Our next hybrid Games Job Fair will be held in the Autumn of 2023! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!