Games Job Fair in Kyiv 2019

On the 28th of September we hosted our third talent attraction event Games Job Fair in Kyiv Ukraine with Finnish (Helsinki based) companies.
Companies that were hiring people from abroad: Varjo, Yousician, Next Games, Grib3D, Ubisecure, Housemarque, Hatch Entertainment, Sulake .
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
We have received 250 applications from Ukraine and we invited 90 applicants to the event to meet the companies and conduct one-on-one interviews.

Each company had its own room to conduct more than 10 face-to-face interviews in private and had a chance to present themselves to the attendees and meet new candidates.

It was great to get a speaker from the Embassy of Finland to Ukraine Maria Ågren who made a great speech about Finland and told more about how they help talents who are interested in coming to work in Finland.
IT and Games Job Fair in Kyiv. Lots of people at the event.
Event program consisted of Presentations + Fireside chat and was supposed to last for 6 hours, but we had to stay for at least 1 extra hour to cover all the questions and conclude all of the interviews.

People got interested in Finland, and particularly Helsinki as destination, and stayed even after the event was over just to have a chance to chat with us (organizers) and the companies.
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