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Unreal Engine challenge
Unreal Shmup - Autumn '22
Create a Shoot'em Up style game in Unreal Engine.
Sponsoring Studios
Everything you need to know to participate in the challenge
Ari Arnbjörnsson has designed an Unreal Engine task that can be completed in under 2 weeks. The Tech Leads of the three sponsoring studios are the judges, and they will present their winners on a panel hosted and moderated by Ari
during the event.
Winners of the Unreal "Shmup" Challenge
Best Overall Concept Winner
Uńüur Tun√ß

Reviewing Judge
Christian Kendall
Lead Programmer | Slipgate Ironworks
Best Technical Execution Winner
Jan Paraska
Busy Chef

Reviewing Judge
Ville Valtiala
CTO | Makea Games
Most Creative Winner
Mert Yilmaz

Reviewing Judge
Mikko Uromo
Co-Founder, CTO | Redhill Games
Unreal Engine "Shmup" Challenge Code Review
Watch the code review of winning entries hosted by Ari Arnbjörnsson at Games Job Fair Autumn 2022
Get to know the Judges
The judges will decide on the winners and review your code in a panel discussion at the event
  • Ari Arnbj√∂rnsson
    Unreal Engine Evangelist

    Ari Arnbjörnsson is an Unreal Engine Evangelist at Epic Games. He has 15 years of varied games industry experience ranging from social, web and mobile games to console games. His latest work before joining Epic Games was as a lead programmer on Housemarque's BAFTA-winning Returnal for PlayStation 5.
  • Christian Kendall
    Lead Programmer | Slipgate Ironworks

    Christian is a Programmer that's been imported from the United States. Confidently confused, confidently unconfident. He started getting into game dev at the age of 15. He went to university for CS while playing for the ice hockey team. He went on doing various contract work for years before a short stint with Microsoft and joined on with Slipgate Ironworks working on multiple projects.
  • Mikko Uromo
    Co-Founder, CTO | Redhill Games

    Mikko has been working in the games and IT industry since late 1990s in various roles, but mostly as a programmer. He has worked on PC, console, mobile and web platforms and at companies like Mr.Goodliving, RealNetworks, Remedy Entertainment and Wargaming.

    In 2018 Mikko returned to Finland to co-found Redhill Games to focus on free-to-play first person shooters using Unreal Engine 4 (and now 5).

  • Ville Valtiala
    CTO | Makea Games

    Ville is the Chief Technology Officer of Makea Games, a serial startup guy since 2013. He has worked in released titles and prototypes for PC, mobile and consoles. He is also a programmer in C# and C++ and tech artist.