Programming Challenge
Showcase your programming skills by
by participating in the studios sponsored
Unreal Engine challenge
Unreal Shmup
Create a Shoot'em Up style game in Unreal Engine.
Sponsoring Studios
Everything you need to know to participate in the challenge
Ari Arnbjörnsson has designed an Unreal Engine task that can be completed in under 2 weeks. The Tech Leads of the three sponsoring studios are the judges, and they will present their winners on a panel hosted and moderated by Ari
during the event.
Who is This For?
  • Unreal Engine programmers (C++) who are attending Games Job Fair Autumn 2022
  • All Seniorities welcome and taken into consideration when designing the prompt - you're good as long as you can create a simple Shoot'em Up style game game/code
  • No other disciplines required - You can use free/bought assets!
What Do I Need to Know?
  • First ensure you have registered for the event through the application form. Only registered applicants can participate in the challenge.
  • Sign Up for the challenge through this registration form. Registrations open on 15.9.
  • The brief of the challenge is mentioned in the "Prompt" section on this page.
  • Submissions will be accepted from 26.9 - 9.10
  • It's Go Time! - You have 2 Weeks to complete and submit your code to GitHub, and upload your game to Please ensure both pages mention the content as an entry for the 'Games Job Fair Autumn 2022 - Unreal Engine Programming Challenge'
  • If you do not have a GitHub or account, please create one for free
  • Links to code and game pages are shared with GFT through the submission form
  • Submissions Close on 9.10 at 23:59 EEST
Prompt for the Challenge
  • Gameplay mechanic and core logic should be written in C++
  • There should be two different types of enemies.
  • The player should have a health bar and be able to take more than one hit before dying.
  • The game should have health and gun pickups.
  • The player should be able to pick up two different types of guns (in addition to the player's default gun).
  • You have a lot of freedom in how you implement the game or add to those requirements (not needed).
  • You're allowed to use Quixel Megascans or marketplace assets as long as they're assets only (no code or BP).
  • Cite your sources in your code comments if you use code/methods from elsewhere.
  • Feel free to break the mold or think outside the box as long as the above minimum requirements are roughly met.
  • Only one game entry allowed per participant (no team entries)
  • Take advantage of systems/features that Unreal Engine already provides.
  • The more you implement the more we'll have to critique. Sometimes less is more.
  • Our feedback will be as if you were turning in an interview assignment for a game company
  • This is a programming challenge, don't stress about your art and the like ūüėČ
Judging and Code Review
  • The submissions will be judged on 3 categories - Best Overall Concept, Best Technical Execution, and Most Creative
  • The judges are the tech leads from the sponsoring studios and each judge will be in charge of one of the above categories
  • The judges will attend a panel discussion where the individual judge will announce his category winner and observations.
  • The live session takes place online on 26th October at Games Job Fair Autumn 2022

Best Overall Concept
  • A monetary award of 500 Euros
  • Sponsoring Studio Swag
  • Recognition Digital Certificate signed by the sponsoring studios, Ari Arnbj√∂rnsson, and Games Factory Talents
Best Technical Execution
  • A monetary award of 500 Euros
  • Sponsoring Studio Swag
  • Recognition Digital Certificate signed by the sponsoring studios, Ari Arnbj√∂rnsson, and Games Factory Talents
Most Creative
  • A monetary award of 500 Euros
  • Sponsoring Studio Swag
  • Recognition Digital Certificate signed by the sponsoring studios, Ari Arnbj√∂rnsson, and Games Factory Talents
    Get to know the Judges
    The judges will decide on the winners and review your code in a panel discussion at the event
    Ari Arnbjörnsson
    Unreal Engine Evangelist

    Ari Arnbjörnsson is an Unreal Engine Evangelist at Epic Games. He has 15 years of varied games industry experience ranging from social, web and mobile games to console games. His latest work before joining Epic Games was as a lead programmer on Housemarque's BAFTA-winning Returnal for PlayStation 5.
    Christian Kendall
    Lead Programmer | Slipgate Ironworks

    Christian is a Programmer that's been imported from the United States. Confidently confused, confidently unconfident. He started getting into game dev at the age of 15. He went to university for CS while playing for the ice hockey team. He went on doing various contract work for years before a short stint with Microsoft and joined on with Slipgate Ironworks working on multiple projects.
    Mikko Uromo
    Co-Founder, CTO | Redhill Games

    Mikko has been working in the games and IT industry since late 1990s in various roles, but mostly as a programmer. He has worked on PC, console, mobile and web platforms and at companies like Mr.Goodliving, RealNetworks, Remedy Entertainment and Wargaming.

    In 2018 Mikko returned to Finland to co-found Redhill Games to focus on free-to-play first person shooters using Unreal Engine 4 (and now 5).

    Ville Valtiala
    CTO | Makea Games

    Ville is the Chief Technology Officer of Makea Games, a serial startup guy since 2013. He has worked in released titles and prototypes for PC, mobile and consoles. He is also a programmer in C# and C++ and tech artist.