Nordic Game Talents
Get hired by the leading studios from Nordics!
Last week Nordic Game Talents took place online successfully. It was our first Nordic games job fair, and we teamed up with Nordic Game for the event. Having accepted 1676 pre-screened talents it was also great to see the career wall showcase nearly 200 job opportunities from 20 studios across the Nordics, a new high! Some studios offered remote jobs creating more opportunities for talents without having to relocate.
Studios at the event
We categorized the talents based on their level of experience



The event was spread over three days. The first half of day 1 was focused on getting to know the studios, their work culture and the skillsets they seek. Giving the talents an opportunity to better understand the job requirements and send in their applications accordingly. This was widely appreciated by the talents from their comments.
Recruiters and representatives from the studios were able to highlight and promote their studios at the Main stage of the event.
After the studio presentations the talents were given the opportunity to mingle with the studio reps/recruiters at their respective virtual booths for LIVE Q&A during the hour-long networking break.
Recruiter and Studio Reps in Live Q& A session during the networking break
Tactile Games
The second half of day 1 had a variety of talks - Nordic cities shared information about what it is like to work and live in the Nordic countries. Which was reinforced by the final session of the day - An American's honest view on work and life in Helsinki - a candid interview conducted by Helsinki Business Hub.
Nordic cities representing their cities
City of Helsinki
City of Stockholm
City of Copenhagen
City of Oslo
Another talk that resonated with the talents was - Interviewing Them: Identifying a positive work culture - presented by Renee Gittins, IGDA.
Job interviews are a two-way street: just as an employer is trying to determine if you are a good fit for a role, you need to determine if their company and team will be a good fit for you. Focusing on the questions to ask and signs to look for to determine if a game studio will have a positive work culture that will support your career growth and personal health. Asking the right questions will not only help you avoid a toxic work environment, but will also demonstrate your interest and insight to an employer
Renee Gittins
The second had its fair share of enthusiasm, if not more from the talents. They were anxiously waiting to dive into the sessions. The day gave the attendees a broader perspective on the gaming industry in the different Nordic countries, relocating to the Nordics, in-depth panel discussions, and talks on how to be successful in the games industry. This included Creative Portfolio Reviews, Creating a successful resume, How to succeed in your first interview, and Games Education.

A fun random networking session among the talents concluded the day and an inspiring statement to build up their confidence from the 'How to succeed in your first interview' talk -
"If you were able to believe in Santa Claus for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 5 minutes" ~ Unknown
Tuuli Peltonen
Dazzle Rocks
Panel Discussions and Career-boosting Talks
Smooth relocation of talents to the Nordics
Hosted by Marina Velikova. Panelists - Natalie Mellin, John Nylund & Linh Pham
Games Education Panel
Hosted by Natasha Skult. Panelists - Teemu Saarelainen, William Easton & Ida Westerlund
Cultural Diversity in recruitment within the Nordics
Hosted by Bea Grandell. Panelists - Sofia Broberger, Milica Dokic
Main things to know while working in Finland
Speaker - Milla Pennanen
Creative Portfolio Review
Hosted by Oleg Paliy. Panelists - Gavin Whelan, Alitt Khaliq & Viktoria Steshina
Creating a successful resume
Hosted by Arja Martikainen. Panelists - Aleksandra Bralczyk, Maija Meriläinen
Project Wonderworld
Speaker - Antti Lax
How to succeed in your first interview
Speaker - Tuuli Peltonen
The final day was dedicated to one-to-one interviews, where the studio representatives/ recruiters had the opportunity to interview talents and talents set up meetings to network with the studio representatives/recruiters. 325 interviews were conducted over the three-day event.

We will continue to keep the event platform - PINE - open until 12 November, so the talents and studio reps/recruiters can continue to engage with each other.
I'd like to thank everyone – speakers, attendees and partners – for contributing significantly to making the event successful! The enthusiasm, energy, and passion that the speakers and attendees displayed through a large number of questions and comments during the event only reinforces that it was a success.
Oleg Paliy
CEO / Games Job Fairs organizer
The next virtual Games Job Fair!

Our next virtual Games Job Fair will be held in the Spring of 2022! So we urge you to connect with us on our social networks and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months. Until then, we wish you success in finding your dream job and stay safe!