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Showcase your gaming skills by participating in Play Challenge sponsored by HypeHype
HypeHype Play Challenge
Are you good at gaming? Show us your skills during Games Job Fair and
become the Champion!

Best 3 players win prizes!
How It Works
Download HypeHype app from App Store or Google Play

Fill out the form if you're not in Finland, Canada or the Philippines. Include "GJF" in the description. You will shortly receive a download link in your email.
Open app and signup
Play the game (as many times as you want) between the start and end of the event
Win a prize by finishing in the top 3!
Winners of the Play Challenge
  • First Place
    Scored 193,996 points

    An award of 200 Euros
    Sponsoring Studio's Swag (t-shirt, beanie, bag)
  • Second Place
    Chris Hilton
    Scored 144,324 points
    Sponsoring Studio's Swag (t-shirt, beanie, bag)
  • Third Place
    Scored 99,374 points
    Sponsoring Studio's Swag (t-shirt, beanie, bag)
What is HypeHype

HypeHype is a new online platform for creating and playing games with your friends on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Currently, in early access, HypeHype offers all the essential features and tools for making modern games, and takes game creation from months of complex PC development to just hours of visual editing on the go.
Creators can publish games instantly and get player data and feedback within days. Games can be played instantly on the app or any device with a web browser, even on other social media apps.

The platform also supports real-time online collaborative editing by multiple creators, as well as making online multiplayer games. In addition to games, with HypeHype creators can make interactive entertainment, memes and animations as well.

HypeHype has been in technical early access in the Philippines and Finland since 2021. Creators have made over 500 000 games already. HypeHype early access app has an excellent 4,7 out of 5 stars rating in the App Store.

What is HypeHype Inc.

HypeHype Inc. is a game technology and platform company, previously known as Frogmind, developer of the award-winning BADLAND and Rumble Stars series.

We operate independently in a long-term partnership with Supercell, which invested 13M EUR to HypeHype to accelerate and expand the development.

We are looking for more awesome people to join the ambitious journey of empowering anyone to become a game creator.

Read more about us here