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Featured job openings
Senior Animator
Helsinki, Finland
The Senior Animator will be helping to create in-game animations with the highest quality standards using keyframe as well as mocap techniques.
Mid/Senior Gameplay Programmer
Helsinki, Finland
As a Gameplay Programmer, you will be working in cross-discipline teams creating various game systems and features...
Mid/Senior Backend Programmer
Helsinki, Finland
As a backend programmer, you will play an important role in our small, fast-moving team building scalable, green-field...
Senior Technical Designer
Oslo, Norway
The Senior Technical Designer will help shape the tools and design implementation practices for a "survival, open-world crafting game" set in the Dune universe.
Senior Game Designer
Oslo, Norway
As a Senior Game Designer at Funcom, your job will be to turn visions and ideas into playable events.
Senior Character Artist
Oslo, Norway
As a Senior Character Artist, you work in a team of character, environment, and concept
artists ...
Senior Material Artist
Oslo, Norway
As a Senior Material Artist, you will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the game.
Senior UX Designer
Oslo, Norway
As a Senior UX Designer, you will work closely with the Lead UI/UX Designer ...
Game Performance Lead
Copenhagen, Denmark
You will pair up with different teams to make sure our games are always optimized for mobile devices with very varying performance characteristics.
Senior Unity Gameplay Programmer
Copenhagen, Denmark

As a Gameplay Programmer at Tactile, you will get the opportunity to flex both your design and architecture muscles!
User Acquisition Manager
As User Acquisition Manager you will be responsible for a range of activities focusing on campaign management to ensure optimal marketing performance.
Cinematic Artist
Copenhagen, Denmark
As Cinematic Artist you will implement story elements directly into our games to deliver meaningful experiences that completely engage our players.

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