1000+ Attendees
300+ Meetings
15+ Studios
20+ Speakers
To cope with industry changes and ensure that the event is attended by individuals who are genuinely dedicated to pursuing and developing their careers in the games industry, we have implemented a minimal fee for all talents interested in attending the Games Job Fair, both online (10 Euros) and online & onsite (20 Euros).
Join us ONLINE on October 25-27th, and ONSITE at Innopoli 2, Espoo - Helsinki Area on October 27th
Find new opportunities, build your network, learn and evolve through workshops, challenges, portfolio reviews & expert talks
Meet Recruiters

Schedule 1:1 meetings with studio reps, or speed-pitch through blitz interviews

Build your Network

Connect, chat, evolve with fellow gamedev community members

Industry Presence

Promote your skills and encourage connection through the event platform's Attendee Cards
Job Opportunities

Browse our Career Wall with multiple job openings from participating studios

Insightful Sessions

Get in on the latest hot topics of the games industry through expert tech talks and panel discussions
Career Development

Enrich your skills through portfolio reviews & workshops and get tips to further level up in your career


Showcase your talent to the community and potential employers by participating in studio-sponsored challenges
Career and skill activities Autumn '23
Don't miss out on the various activities to showcase your skills & receive expert feedback

Are you good at gaming? Show us your skills during Games Job Fair and become the Champion!

🎉Best 3 players win prizes! 🎉

Learn about the Finnish game industry, companies, and promoter of equal work-life TOIVE-project. Together we'll build our dream company in an interactive session.

Submissions closed

An hour long, detailed overview on how sounds are made for video games and movies. Using props and objects, together we'll create sounds to use in several visual examples. From movement, to impacts all the way through to ambiences.

Submissions closed

The Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing With a Games Studio. No need for preparation as long as you are ready to play your part! Learn about motivation, see if you can spot a "real deal" and have fun while playing.

Submissions closed
Get legal advice on Contracts, IP rights, NDAs & matters related to terms of employment from Maria Jauhiainen, expert lawyer in the games industry from Game Makers of Finland.

It is an opportunity for the event's artists to demonstrate their skills, receive prizes, and enhance their personal brand's visibility for the attending studios.

Create a game or a space about the Walk of Fame for the Michigan Music Hall of Fame. Picture a vibrant space where music legends come to life!

Creative directors from participating studios will review talents' portfolios, revealing insights on giving your portfolio an edge.

Submissions closed

Adam Turnbull, Principal Animator at NetEase Games, will review participant portfolios for education and career-boosting.

Submissions closed❗

Showoff your Unreal Engine and/or Unity skills by creating a simple game in 2 weeks to a brief given in collaboration with the experts from Unity and Unreal Engine.

Submissions closed
Put your texturing, rendering and composition skills to the test! Take the provided snow globe asset, and fill it up with your customized Sloyd models to make a nicely composed render.
Submissions closed
Participating studios so far...
Meet us onsite at
Innopoli 2, Espoo (Metro. Aalto University) on 27 October
The last day of the event will take place both online and onsite. An onsite entry fee of 20 Euros is applicable, which includes attending sessions, networking, and workshops.

Arrival and Parking Information
Tekniikantie 14, 02150 Espoo

Arrival & Parking Information ⬅️

Please ensure to register for the event to receive an invite for the onsite event, as spaces are limited.

Join us for the After Party at HypeHype's HQ, Kamppi
October 27th | 17:00 - 19:00
We've got drinks, snacks and a chill atmosphere that's perfect for hanging out with your crew. No need to dress up or be anyone but yourself - just come ready to have a good time. See you there!

Doors open at 16:30

*Carry your Games Job Fair Autumn '23 Badge for Entry
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Get in touch with us


Who is the event for?
Game developers of every seniority, and gamedev students. If you are a hobbyist who wants to work in games professionally, but have no previous work experience or related studies, please ensure you upload a solid portfolio of your work.
Is the event free?
We have implemented a minimal fee for all talents online 10 Euros and Onsite 20 Euros. This is to cope with the industry changes and ensure those who sign up are genuinely interested in attending. If your profile is industry related and includes all of the necessary information, you are invited upon purchasing your ticket.
Is the event still online?
Absolutely! Games Job Fair Autumn 2023 will be online for all three days (October 25-27). We are onsite on Day 3 of the event, but all sessions will be streamed online.
Will I get an interview with a participating studio?
This is unfortunately something we cannot promise you. We encourage all attendees to network with the recruiters from the participating studios. This can be done via text chat of the studio's virtual booth or by requesting a meeting from the recruiter. The recruiter will view your profile and accept or decline your meeting request accordingly.
How long do I have to network with studios on the event platform?
You can join the platform 2 weeks before the event's first day, during which participating studio members can already be reached through chats, or scheduled meetings. The platform remains open for your needs for 2 weeks after the last event day as well.
Where can I see all the job opportunities?
Featured positions for the event will be available on our Career Wall by mid-September, and you can directly apply through it! Once the platform is open for networking you will be able to view all the jobs by the participating studios.
What if I can't find a suitable position or a suitable company, but still want to relocate to Europe?
No worries, just keep in touch with us for future opportunities! New companies and new openings pop up all the time. You can still apply for the event, send an Open Application through our website, or even follow the career opportunities channel on our Discord server. We will contact you if we find a good fit!